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A New #MCZ for 2020

Happy new year!

My new book, I Am a Professional Metalhead, has been out for a few weeks and the response has been great - particularly in the “professional” realm.

The book was my way to come out as a metalhead to the many career professionals who know me in the legal and software industry. I had a feeling that there were more of us than meets-the-eye. Boy, was that the truth. Traffic to my LinkedIn account has blown up with likes, comments, and messages from other metalheads bound by the limitations of their career from being open about their love for this glorious metal music.

My theory was based on my own experiences outside of metal concerts and festivals (where most metalheads regularly congregate). I had seen enough to convince me that the metal army is much bigger than anyone realizes. A few of those experiences:

  • I was in a hipster restaurant in Minneapolis and a table runner reached across the table to drop off some ceviche. As he did, I noticed a symbol that I recognized on the inside of his forearm. “Dream Theater fan?” I asked. He stopped and almost looked surprised that someone in the restaurant knew the meaning of the tattoo, “Yeah, man. You?” I smiled back, “Absolutely. Been listening to then since ’93.” His surprise turned into a smile because he found a fellow metalhead in an unlikely place. "Nice," he responded with a fist-bump. Looking at the both of us, no one would have thought of either as being the "typical" metalhead but we had that connection.

  • On more occasions than I can recall, Sevendust fans have some stopped me while I was wearing a 7D t-shirt or hoodie and said something along the lines of, “Hey man, I saw you like Sevendust. I make a point to say hi to Sevendust fans when I see them.” These interactions have been in the oddest places - stores, sporting events, in airports – basically anywhere I go. Sevendust fans truly embody the idea of a metal family.

Anyone who has read the book knows - the community and music of metal has been critical to my career journey. That’s why, at the start of this new year, I am resolving to push my MCZ to another level in 2020. Those who’ve read the book know all about the MCZ. For those who haven’t, MCZ stands for "metal comfort zone." It is a concept that explains how metalheads like certain metal subgenres but not others - and why that is ok. My call to action in the book is to go beyond your MCZ so that you can evolve as a metalhead.

It's no different for me - I need to push my MCZ to a new level in 2020.

So, let me know ( or comment on my Instagram or Facebook pages) what new metal bands I should be getting into. Just point me to a live performance on YouTube, an album on Spotify, or playlist that I should check out. Let me know what makes this metal so special or different. In return, I promise that I will check out whatever you recommend to me and let you know what I think.

So with that, where will my MCZ take me in 2020?

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