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When a show is Sevendust-good

I first learned of Sevendust through Twisted Sister. Many people might not remember the connection but Twisted's guitarist, Jay French, produced the first Sevendust album. I remember going into CD World on Route 46 in Totowa, NJ to listen to that album on one of their listening booths. I listened to "Black" several times and was considering buying the album but it was full-price (because it was new) so I ended up buying a cheaper used CD by another band. There was no streaming at the time so if you didn't buy a CD, you really couldn't get into a band. My decision meant that it would be a while before I prioritized spending some of my limited funds to get into 7D.

A few years later, I was living in the Washington, DC area and recording a CD with my band, Sustained in Jade. While I was getting ready to track, the producer was blasting the latest metal through my headphones and played the new Sevendust tune, "Praise." There was something about it that grabbed me and I knew that the time had come.

I went out and bought the CD (at full price!) the next day. The music was so good that I went out and got the rest of their catalog a few days later. I could not believe that I had waited this long to get into them. The music was metal and powerful and uplifting. I had to see it performed live.

On November 17, 2002, that day came when Sevendust played at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. By that point, I had gotten my brother, Justin, into them and convinced him to join me at the show. We made out way to the front of the room and awaited the band. When they came out, it was like a shot of adrenaline. They owned the stage and had a presence that I had not seen since the glam metal era. Concerts during the glam metal era were high-energy and full of the band members moving across the stage. With the rise of grunge metal which eventually led to nu-metal, the concept of a dynamic live performance had gone away. Not so with Sevendust. They seemed to be bringing it back. They had a look, a sound, and a stage presence that immediately grabbed and kept my attention. I was constantly entertained as I watched them in constant motion from one side of the stage to the other, switching places in perfect coordination. On top of it, the music sounded even better than the recording. I had found my new favorite band.

The next day, my brother called me to talk about the show. I told him how they were my new favorite band we both remarked that we wanted to see Sevendust live again. From that point forward, whenever we saw a metal show that was so good and inspiring that we would be willing to spend money to watch the same exact show again the very next day, we said it was "Sevendust-good."

Over the years, I have seen many bands that are Sevendust-good. Bands like Killswitch Engage, Anthrax, and Stone Sour, to name a few. But it speaks volumes to know that every time that I have seen Sevendust - even their all-acoustic show - they continue to be Sevendust-good.

Sevendust on Spotify:

(My top five are: "Enemy," "Rumblefish," "Black," "Last Breath," and "Suffer")

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