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Why did I write a book about my love for metal?

There are millions of metalheads out there. Why is my metal story special? Some might question why it should even be considered alongside the stories of metalheads who actually became stars in the metal world or the metalheads that went on to work in the music industry. After all, those people made it in the metal world.

That, my friends, is exactly why I need to tell it.

I may not have made it in the metal world but metal made me.

The book was written to show how metal can still be a critical and important influence on everything you do in your own life, I know that there are others like me who love metal but are just not part of that industry - but wish we could be. For every person that succeeds doing one of those dream things, there are hundreds that don't. I know because I lived through it. I will never get the call to play in Sevendust. My original band wasn't up to par for what the record labels wanted. And I was just never in a good place to get a job in the industry.

Yet, I never loved metal any less or wanted to stop living a metal life. If anything, my inability to make it in the industry compelled me to find more reason to bring metal in my life in some way. And I did - in a most unexpected way. A way that was not obvious - even to me - until I looked back at the past 20 years of my career.

So that is what my new book, I Am a Professional Metalhead, is all about. It is an ode to one of my biggest influences. It is a thank you to the genre that has continually inspired me and taught me lessons that I have applied in my professional career. And it is proof that you can still live a metal life and be metal in your job - even if you are not a part of the metal industry.

Horns up!

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